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Do you ever feel the world is spinning too fast and you might fall off?

My life at the moment is going at full pelt and there are so many things going on right now, that have nothing to do with writing, that I’m just not mentally capable of creating anything.

My house is about to go up for sale – finally – so it’s all hands on deck to make sure everything is ready for the photographer to come in and take photos that will help sell my home.

I just finished painting, carpeting, cleaning, etc, etc, and it’s basically the end of the prep work and then onto the maintenance while we sell. It will be official this weekend and I have no idea how long it will take to sell, although it is a very nice, large home. It’s too large for my little family and perfect for someone with a much larger family, so I hope it won’t take too long.

We didn’t find another house yet anyway, but we will be actively looking from this weekend on and I just cannot wait to be in my new home because then I will be able to think again and the world will start spinning at its regular rate again.

Does anyone else find it hard to be creative when there is just so much other stuff going on? It’s like all this mundane stuff just sucks the creative right out of me, leaving me with my ideas and my planning but no juice in the tank to do anything about it.

And what is going through my mind right now? I am using my creativity to imagine my life about 6-8 weeks into the future where I’m sitting in the kitchen of my new home, eating breakfast in the nook, looking out at the yard. That’s not too outlandish a leap, is it?

So, whatever you’re doing in your life, however hectic it is, let’s rejoice in the fact that we are all here, living our best lives, creating stories for others to read, and just trying to share positivity with as many people as we can.

Life is good, (crazy busy, but good)!

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I am losing my mind!

Have you ever seen The Scream painting? Or Home Alone, when the kid grabs his face and screams? Yep, that was my face about an hour ago when I realized that no one, NO ONE, spotted an enormous gaffe in the manuscript. A name got changed early on because it was someone else’s character name and too much similarity etc, so the name gets changed. Except it didn’t get changed in the entire manuscript somehow, probably because of the fact the entire manuscript got disappeared by my husband briefly, and we likely restored a version that was halfway done in editing.

It is VERY embarrassing to discover this AFTER the thing has been published on Kindle and the print version is ready to print.

It has been corrected, but if someone has ordered it in the meantime I will make sure they get a signed and corrected copy directly from me.

What bothers me most is, after so many proof reads, I just happened to spot this today by chance, and I was like, argghhhh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Wow, this self-publishing is a learning curve. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen similar typos in other people’s books and even in some printed by large publishing houses. Mistakes can be made, but I just hate it when I make them, and even though this might not entirely be my error, I take 100% responsibility because it’s my book.

Luckily, my Amazon promotion isn’t happening until next week, and I haven’t sorted out a Bookbub one yet either, so it’s not a disaster, it’s just freaking annoying.

CANDY, grabs her head and bangs it repeatedly on her desk.


This self-publishing business is a lot harder than I thought.

End scene, LOL!




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My book is LIVE baby!

This is SO awesome.

The book is live on

This is the link for the Kindle edition for $2.99 (or Kindle Unlimited FREE!)

Finding Home by Candy York    KINDLE VERSION

And, this is the link to the physical printed book – which I have not yet seen or held in my own little hands yet!

Finding Home by Candy York   PAPERBACK VERSION

Today, I had a basketball game to attend, so I didn’t get to do any marketing for this book, or work on the next book in the series. On the plus side, the team won in a close fought battle, so way to go Sharks.

Check out my Facebook page, my Twitter (under Candyyorkauthor) and my new Amazon Author Page

I wonder if all newbie self-published authors are this excited about absolutely everything, even when they haven’t sold a single copy, LOL!


Finding Home Front Cover

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Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…

OMG, I just realized the wrong file got uploaded to Kindle, by yours truly, oops! I have since fixed that and I doubt anyone bought it in the meantime, so by tomorrow it should be correct again, and here is another thing I have learned. Pay attention and also, make your file draft names really different from each other.

The book file is also wrong and is still in review, so I have to wait until I can submit the corrected file there and it’s making me antsy!

And, what is today’s lesson? Check it, check it and check it again!

Boy, do I feel like an idiot now!


author, Author Guidelines, Harlequin, KDP Select, Kindle, Kindle Direct Publishing, manuscript, romance author, Romance novel, romance writer, Self-published, writer, Writing Guidelines

Finding Home is in Amazon’s hands now!!

Finding Home Front Cover

I am so totally excited, I am in fact beyond excited, because Amazon has my manuscript for Kindle and for print and it’s in the final stages before being published!

I could have agonized over the editing for weeks or maybe even months longer, but six edits in, and I have to at some stage be happy with it, or else I will never get it out there.

I missed my January 2019 self-imposed deadline by a few days, but all-in-all, I’m a very happy woman right now because I did what I said I was going to do!

I am already working on the next book in the series, but it doesn’t have a title yet, because those usually come to me as I write. It is book two in the Lake Thomas Romance series, so that is how I think of it right now.

I will be launching an Amazon advertising campaign as soon as I can, but you can’t do that until the book is “live” and available for purchase.

I am going to be checking my KDP account every few hours, like a crazy woman, hoping for it to be live. I can’t sign up for an author page until the book is available either, oh the agony of trying to be patient!

So, to conclude, I am SO FRICKING EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!

Look out for Finding Home by Candy York, available on Amazon soon! I will update this blog with a link once it’s actually for sale!


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That panicked moment when you think your manuscript corrupted!

Oh yeah, that happened on Saturday. My husband used my computer, and right after, my manuscript had vanished. Then I find a weirdly named file that was saved at the time he was using my laptop and luckily it’s my novel, basically intact, apart from some gibberish that somehow got added.

Can you say relieved? I actually felt physically sick. It’s not like I don’t have another copy, but it wasn’t the up-to-date edited novel, and there had been a lot of revisions.

And, what did we learn from this screw up? I learned I need to get my own computer that HE is not allowed to use, LOL, and I learned to make triple backups of my file. I mean, there’s no way he could mess up three of them, right?

I still don’t know how he even messed this one up, but after denying he could possibly have done it, he was faced with the time stamp of the save and even he couldn’t deny that proof.

His apology was accepted and I’ve moved on. Lesson learned, people!


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My new writing start time is midnight!

It’s not like I haven’t been up since 7 am, but this is the time when I can get peace and quiet and get some stuff done.

Final proof reading of the manuscript is happening, final approval to the cover design is going on, blurb tweaking is being done as we speak, (well, not literally of course since I’m typing this).

I’m trying to decide on a release date, and although I’d love to say that was tomorrow, I realize I don’t have to rush this, and maybe I should pick a symbolic date?

I promised myself 2019 was the year I publish not one, but at least 2 books. I also have a bunch of other resolutions that I want to happen too, but those aren’t related to writing, so I won’t bore anyone with those.

I don’t want to be one of those people who keeps crapping on about how they want to be a writer, but never really does anything about it. We all know those people, don’t we? Yeah, you know them, they talk a great game, but never actually achieve anything.

It’s time to throw caution to the wind, seize the day, be the best that I can be – ugh, all those clichés have made me want to vomit!

So, it’s a little before midnight, and it’s off to work I go, like one of the seven dwarfs, and I’d fit in well with them, since they’re all taller than me.

My next update is publication date information.

Later dudes (and don’t get offended, that was the unisex dude).

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When an Abba song helps you decide your future!

You gotta love my blog headings, but this one is totally true. Today, I decided NOT to submit to a traditional publisher because I’m going to take a chance on me.

Now, if you’re a fan of Abba, you know that Take a Chance on Me, is one of their big songs, and ever since I made this crazy decision I have been singing this song over and over in my head, and it’s not like I know all the lyrics either.

So, why did I come to this decision after agonizing so long over what I should do with my romance novel? I just realized that I wanted to see what would happen and find out if I could do this by myself. The song title is the exact reason. It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I feel like I’m writing something that is on the same level as Harlequin, but I don’t want to have to fit a mold created by someone else. The fourth book I plan in this small town series has a plot line that I don’t think I could sell to Harlequin because I don’t think they would go for it. The heroine of that story is kind of the villain in the first story, or at least, she’s not a very likeable character. But I have to write her story because I have to!

I have been given information from other authors who do work for the mainstream publishers, and they have said they earn between $5-8K if they’re lucky from their books. So, it’s true, the big guns, make a whole lot more than that, but there are a limited number of those authors. The others, once successful are making a decent living, but many of them are working another full-time job too.

I figure if I’m willing to put the work in to market the book, advertise it, get it into the hands of readers, then I can succeed at this because I’m one person representing one person, myself! Surely, I’m going to work my ass off to make myself successful as I’m my only client and the only writer I need to promote is me. Can the same be said for a traditional publisher?

I’ve also just proved to myself that I have what it takes to not only finish a novel, but to complete a second draft, a third draft and a final fourth draft (after it was edited for grammar and other issues).

So, what do I have to lose, honestly? Once I have my formatting for KDP and print done, I’m going to update my blog with – da da dah – the cover image and links to all kinds of stuff.

My timeline is roughly 7-10 days from now. The cover is ready, and looks professional, the blurb is ready, the only thing not done is an author photo for the cover and I’m not sure if I will put one on or not. I’m going to go to BAM and B&N and scope out all the similar books and see if they have photos or not, because I’m fairly sure not all of them do.

Phew, I just took a deep breath in because I just realized that I’m about ready to publish and it’s very exciting!

Happy writing everyone – may the words fly off your fingers onto the pages of your books.


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It’s 4 am on New Years Eve and I’m still working!

I really should be in bed, but this is the only time I will get to write for the next couple of days and I’ve been working really hard. What can I say, I’m inspired right now!

I feel like 2019 is going to be a stellar year. Lots of things are going to be changing, for the better, and I am actually looking forward to all those challenges that lay ahead.

2019 is the year we move, now that is exciting!

It’s my year to improve my health and wellbeing – it’s not a resolution for New Year, it is simply something on my to-do list.

I have a writing plan for next year too – I never had one of those before. I will write at least 2 books next year – that is 2 more books, which will also be published, because this current one is going to get accepted and published, I just know it!

But, I have accepted that I now need to go get some sleep, even though right now I am wired and wonder how the heck I will get to sleep.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!


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The end of the year is nigh!

It’s December 30th of 2018 and I’m up and working away like a mad hamster in a wheel, trying to finish my book so I can submit it next week.

I would have gotten a lot more done if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids, OK, unnecessary Scooby Doo reference, but if my laptop hadn’t had a small meltdown, I might be onto the final read through. The read through you do to make sure there are no glaring errors you missed.

12:53 am and I haven’t gotten to bed before 2:00 -3:00 am for days. I am pretty tired and fairly cranky, but I set a firm deadline and I will get this submitted before that last date I gave myself, or my name’s not Candy!

I have been feeling like a bit of a Grinch because I have been writing while others take a turkey nap, or put together Lego sets. But then, those same adults go out to work and I don’t interrupt that work days. THIS is my work day – although it might not start until 11:00 PM.

I am going to put the manuscript onto my Kindle and then try to read it like I would any other book and I hope this way I can spot anything I missed previously.

There is a Kindle app for PC that helps you to send documents to your Kindle, just go to Amazon and search for Amazon “Send to Kindle” for PC, etc.

I will be writing a business plan for my writing for next year – it will have deadlines attached to it, and a goal for how many books I will write. It’s about time I started treating this like a real business.

And to that end, Happy New Year to one and all – I hope you have a safe one. And for all the fellow writers out there, published or not, may the words fly off your fingers like magic!